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Secrets of Adult eBay

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Q: Hmm, Adult eBay? I thought that was just another urban legend...
A: No, Adult eBay (aka "Mature Audiences Items") does exist

Q: What do they sell on Adult eBay?
A: Brand new Adult Toys, DVDs, Erotic Art, Books, Magazines, Photos, Jewelry and much much more!

Q: But why can't I find those items if I just search for them on eBay?
A: eBay hides "Adult eBay" from general public. From eBay's official policy:

While we don't take a moral stand on the items that are listed on eBay (we act only as a listing agent) we did segregate this category from the remainder of the site so that users could choose to avoid or seek out this merchandise as they wish. Items listed in this category are omitted from the New Today page and other pages on the main portion of the site, and only age-verified users may access this category.

Q: What do I need to get access to Adult eBay?
A: Here is what you need:
Q: How do I access Adult eBay?
A: Here is the two-step process, you have to follow the steps (don't ask me why, eBay designed it that way)
  1. Proceed to Adult eBay Sign In page

    eBay will verify your age once, at your first login to Adult eBay

    Adult eBay Sign In

    Please sign in, read "Terms of Use", make sure you click on "Continue" button.


    Wait for this page:

    Your information has been verified. You are now authorized to visit all of the listings on eBay

    You may close or leave it open

  2. Click on Mature-Audiences link, you can browse and search for adult items on eBay now!
    Remember, you have to login to Adult eBay before you can browse.

    Adult eBay!

Q: How big is Adult eBay?
A: Right now there are 73,447 565,616 items listed on Adult eBay

Q: What is the policy on listing and buying adult items on eBay?
A: Read more about official eBay policies:

eBay Mature Audiences Information,
Mature Audiences Items,
Policy - Items for Mature Audiences

Q: Any news coverage for Adult eBay?
A: News.com: eBay is cleaning up its red light district
LA Weekly: X-Rated eBay
zdnet.com: eBay sections off adult areas

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Secrets of Adult eBay
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